Who We Are

Changing the industry from the inside out.

Piedmont Managed Services is comprised of a unique team of business professionals who have worked within every level of the green industry. Founded by Jeff Adams, Piedmont was cultivated as a passion project to improve a broken industry. 

Piedmont Managed Services has an extensive client base that stretches across the United States and beyond. Utilizing the perfect combination of technology and personal attention to their clients, Piedmont continues to experience significant growth throughout the industry.

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What Makes Us Different?

At Piedmont Managed Services we pride ourselves on being different than the rest.  We have a keen focus on our clients and ensure that we develop a business relationship that is built on trust and ability.  While this may seem "old fashioned" we also have an eye on the future and have fully integrated technology into our day to day business practice.

We are able to offer our clients real time updates on services being performed at their sites.  This gives peace of mind that all work has been completed.

This data is compiled by site and can be viewed to obtain full breakdown of your site to see service frequencies and costs allowing for greater budgetary understanding of your site