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Technology is a vital part of our organization and it is focused on giving our clients all the data they need to help run their businesses effectively.

How It Works

  • Service notifications are emailed at the start and completion of any service.

  • These notifications contain both written and photographic confirmation of time, date, and type of service.

  • All data pertaining to service and site is collected and stored.

  • All of this collected data is viewable through the client portal.​


The Benefits

  • All service data can viewed in a variety of ways allowing our clients to fully utilize this information.

  • Utilizing this data enables our clients to make the most proactive decisions regarding services for their sites.  It also allows them to set annual budgets with ease with a full understanding of their properties needs.

  • No matter what device you use or where you are, you can access real time information regarding your services and sites.

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