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at Piedmont Managed Services we are interested in developing long term relationships with our vendors. Unlike many other national property service providers that continually seek out lowest priced vendors to make the highest profit.  We are interested in long term growth with our vendors.  We view this relationship to be vitally important for long term growth for both our company and yours. Relationships built upon trust are earned and we pride ourselves on being one of the most trustworthy national service providers in the industry today.

How Does It Work?

Piedmont Managed Services oversees work using:

- Local account managers

- Mobile technology

- Proprietary in-house software

Customer Requests Services:

- Piedmont Managed Services offers bids

- Negotiates contract details

- Creates services agreement

Upon completion of work:

Vendor will report services completed

Piedmont Managed Services will verify completed and satisfactory work

Once verified Piedmont Managed Services will pay vendor according to contract terms.

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Ph. 1.877.352.1137

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